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Schafer-gumbel expects enough candidates for spd chairmanship


The acting head of the SPD, thorsten schafer-gumbel, expects a sufficient number of applicants for the future chairmanship of his party. "I have no worries that not enough exciting candidates will come forward," he told dpa in berlin.

This monday, the SPD executive board will decide on a procedure for determining the presidency after the resignation of andrea nahles.

Federal family minister franziska giffey is considered a possible contender for the office. A candidacy had not ruled out the north rhine-westphalian SPD state parliamentary group leader thomas kutschaty and the former candidate for the office of federal president, gesine schwan. Previously, several top SPD politicians had made it clear that they would not seek the office.

"I would like to see everyone focus their campaign on the fact that it is about the common," said schafer-gumbel. "If everyone commits to this, it will make the debate about the future of the SPD and about the SPD's view of the future interesting and attractive to us."

Many members wanted broad participation from the rank and file in the election of the chairman, said schafer-gumbel. This had shown the party-internal online survey with more than 23 000 participants. "There are also wishes and indications from the members that a double tip is a good alternative."There is also a suggestion that this should not be mandatory.

"If you're serious about getting members involved, it's going to take a lot longer than if you say we're going to make a proposal and then have a special party conference four weeks later," schafer-gumbel said. "The latest time for the election of the chairperson is the party congress in december, when we will also elect the complete leadership."According to the party law, a party congress has to decide in the end. "But on the way there, many things are conceivable, from an election by ballot to a postal vote by members to online participation."

It is wise for the party to take advantage of the opportunity for broad participation - including inviting people to get involved in social democracy. "Since we know that there is a fine line between the need to avoid quick fixes and the need to avoid long self-satisfaction, we will make precise proposals on monday," announced schafer-gumbel.

Saxony's integration minister petra kopping spoke out in favor of a dual leadership with a representative from the east. "I think a dual leadership is indispensable," the SPD politician told the redaktionsnetzwerk deutschland (RND/saturday). "It must be a man and a woman, one from the west and one from the east," she added. A survey of members is also absolutely necessary.

Beyond this question, after the debacle in the european elections and in view of the low polls, the SPD must now make it even clearer what the party is all about. "The SPD is much more concerned than any other party with the concrete everyday issues of people who work hard every day and don't bring home any wealth," the acting SPD leader said.

The root of most of the problems is the economization of all areas of life over the past 30 years. "This is where we give the right answers - whether in labor market policy or by supporting families as the smallest unit of cohesion."In education, the SPD does not see people as a human resource, but places emancipation and enlightenment at the center.

"Concretely we clear now with full steam still open questions. We will present our ideas for rewarding work and the environment in the next few weeks. Our concept on the wealth tax will follow in september," schafer-gumbel announced. "We are also underpinning our claim to be a people's party."The essence of a people's party is that you try to balance opposites and translate them into cohesion. "Populism and inadmissible exaggerations or abbreviations do not fit in with this."

For the mid-term review of the grand coalition, which is due by the end of the year, schafer-gumbel expects a fairly positive outcome on the substantive issues. The decisive factor, however, is that this coalition has a vision of the future and wants to tackle this task. "It's not just about content issues and programmatic issues, it's also about the entire attitude of this coalition," he said. "It's not in our hands alone."The SPD has always been aware of its responsibility in its history. "What result this leads to in the end will be assessed by a party congress."

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